As retold by Binh Danh and Trinh Mai


DATES: May 16-August 16, 2020

RECEPTION: Friday, May 15, 2020 6:00-8:00 p.m.

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In a collaborative effort to examine the refugee and immigrant experience, then and now, two authors render the stories whose threads bind our witnessing of war, our will to survive the wounds they’ve planted, and our waking from the wreckage that brings forth inevitable growth.

Understory weaves we the people—the living history—into the forgone histories whose effects remain deeply rooted in humanity still. It tells of the inpouring of those fleeing oppression and the indwelling of an inherent resilience that stirs wildly within us, even when trudging in the darkness of wars, personal and political. These are the stories of us—the ones that have been seeded in hardship and healing, in persecution and perseverance, in displacement, despair and determination—these that inspire compassion and custodial responsibility. 

This exhibition acknowledges the wars that have always been. It waters that which has seeped itself deep into the soil upon which we now stand, and harvests the pulp before folding it into the fissures of the fractured, with the hope of cultivating new courage. 

Remembering our predecessors, those who have fought alongside us, and the ones in mid-flight, Understory honors our existence as an enduring people.