2011 Statewide Painting Competition/Exhibition

Streets of Parati - Gerald Boyd

First Place Winner: Cuong Nguyen,

Him, 2011, Oil on Panel

Tidal Sanctuary - Willo Balfrey

Second Place Winner: Elizabeth Barlow

Portrait of a Marriage, 2011, Oil on Linen

A Moment Till Twilight - Elizabeth Mowry

Third Place Winner: Leslie Batty

Illustrated Instruction for Alteration, Cutting, and Sewing,

2011 Oil on Paper and Wood Panel



The Competition
This year’s competition was BIG.  Hundreds of submissions were received.  The submissions were strong and the competition was stiff.  This year’s Statewide Painting Competition & Exhibition was somewhat different than juried competitions we have held in the past.  This exhibition was juried by the Curatorial Team at the Triton Museum.  Our job was made quite difficult by the strength and quality of the entries.  Of necessity we were limited in the number of works we could select and many wonderful artworks were not selected, though many were stunning in their own right. 

The First Place prize was quite unusual as well.  The First Place winner will be given a solo exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art in Fall 2012.  This is a rare opportunity and raised the stakes of the competition considerably.

The Process
The jurying process was simple.  All entries were placed in a PowerPoint slide presentation and each juror went through the submissions separately, assigning a “yes,” “maybe,” or “no” to each slide.  After each juror completed the process the results were compared.  The submissions that received three “yeses” were selected for the show.  Next, the submissions that received two “yeses” and one “maybe” were also included in the exhibition.  Obviously that excluded many works that one or more jurors found to be equally worthy of inclusion, but with multiple jurors the consensus of opinion must also be taken into consideration.  In the end, each of the jurors were pleased with the selection, while at the same time we were each surprised at the number of wonderful works that were not included, but space limitations ultimately prevailed.  As with all juried shows, the slightest of changes in the makeup of the jury or the number of entries or the quality of the photo submitted or any other of many factors could have resulted in different works being accepted. 

The Exhibition
The resulting exhibition is diverse in styles, techniques, and ideas.  Each of these components was a factor in the jurors’ decisions.  Indeed, we are often asked, how can we select a show when comparing an abstraction to a photorealist still life, a pastoral landscape to an aggressive gestural painting, or a finely rendered portrait to a vase of flowers.  It is in the latter of those three components – the idea of the work – in which we found our final selections.  While personal tastes may differ, we found unanimity in how each of the works selected either conveyed their ideas or in how they ignited in us an unexpected contemplation.  In this we were richly rewarded.

Preston Metcalf, Chief Curator; Maria Ester Fernández, Curator of Education/Curator; Stephanie Learmonth, Registrar/Curator

Honorable Mention Winners:

- Brigitte Curt, The Ramparts, 2011, Oil on Canvas
- Peter Foley, The World #13, 2010, Mixed Media
- Clark Gussin, Even-song, 2010, Oil on Canvas
- Jaya King, The Chicken that Saved the Day, 2011, Mixed Media
- B. Nicole Klassen, The Bronze Vase, 2010 Oil on Linen
- Burt Levitsky, Non Chalant on 16th Street, 2010 Oil on Linen
- Gale S. McKee, Burqa, 2011 Oil on Canvas
- Sandy Ostrau, Blue Water, 2011 Oil on Panel
- Monika Steiner, In Between, 2011 Oil on Wood
- Nina Uppalura, Fall Sonata, 2011,Acrylic on Canvas

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