Lisa Mari Ramirez

...and those left behind

DATESMarch 7 to May 10, 2009

RECEPTIONFriday, March 6, 7:00-9:00pm

Visiting Info

Fading Lotus, 2007, mixed media

Drawing upon her Mexican-Irish heritage and personal experience, Lisa Mari Ramirez explores connections between the physical and spiritual worlds in highly personal art narratives. She is inspired by non-western cultures and their ancient traditions and rituals which celebrate nature and the cycles of life - birth, death, rebirth/renewal; how we grow from our experiences and how they influence the paths we ultimately take.

For Ramirez, the process of creating her work begins with selecting images that she has photographed and transforming them into something new. Her subjects range from people and animals to places and objects. She juxtaposes images until a dialogue appears. Through resurrecting memories through specific images and then decontextualizing them through isolation, she finds new meaning that departs from the personal to address more universal concepts. The book format acts metaphorically to reference the storytelling aspect of both life and art.

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