Terry Acebo Davis


DATESOctober 3 - November 29, 2009

RECEPTIONOctober 9, 7:00-9:00pm

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Terry Acebo Davis

"Everlast", 2009, mixed media on canvas

Kelly Detweiler

"Hyde", 2009, mixed media

tri•age (trë' äzh)  n sorting, sifting, selecting  / as in, the sorting out of patients in battle, to determine treatment, using a system  of priorities  designed to maximize the number of survivors

This exhibition speaks of the duality that the artist has fought and embraced and that is, according to her, “my existence as an Artist and as Nurse.  I was hoping by now that I could see myself working solely as an artist, but as circumstances present themselves I am dependent on both to survive and walk this delicate balance.”

In preparing for this exhibition, Acebo Davis started by writing two books in succession based on her journal entries, to help her focus on what was real. The first book Separate is about the pain of parting from someone you love. The second book, Alone is about finding identity as a single person again.

Acebo Davis determined that the best way for her to express the content and formality was to create a “tableaux” for each narrative resulting in this visual timeline. Art history wise, the artist has always been informed by the works of Beuys, Kienholz, Siegel, Munoz, and Ireland. Her satire is not unlike Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Ana Mendieta or John Baldesarri’s. According to Acebo Davis, art is cerebral and she hopes to provoke the viewer to think about how it might relate to you. As you triage/ sort the events and thoughts that make your life unique and relevant, you may smile or you may tear. But, if all that happens to you when viewing this exhibition, is that you sit, even for a moment, and imagine being at the ocean then the artist feels that she will have succeeded.

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