A Closer Look

Al Farrow, Terry Kreiter, Darrell Phelps, Lynne Todaro

DATESOctober 3 - November 29, 2009

RECEPTIONFriday, October 9, 2009, 7:00-9:00pm

Artists' Siteshttp://www.alfarrow.com/

Visiting Info

Al Farrow: Reliquary for the Extended Family, n.d. mixed media

Terry Kreiter: Way of the Cart, n.d., bronze

Darrell Phelps: Howling Wolf Opera, 2006, bronze

Lynne Todaro: Offering, n.d., bronze

In a time when sculpture is often the chosen medium for public art, the image of sculptures as large and imposing structures often comes to mind, but three-dimensional art need not be massive to have a powerful presence. A Closer Look is an exhibition of works by four sculptors: Al Farrow, Terry Kreiter, Darrell Phelps, and Lynne Todaro, each of whom produce intricate and intimate works which, though smaller in scale than their larger cousins, still possess the power to impress.

It is not the mere reduction of size that encourages us to look more closely at these works; it is intricacy and layering of subject matter that causes us to consider these works in a more intimate manner. Each of these artists creates works that are loaded with symbolic content, sometimes even iconography that might not be apparent at first glance. The intricate reliquaries of Al Farrow, for instance are in reality composed of weaponry, and it is only once we are past that startling realization that we notice the relics, human bones that direct our ruminations to the fictional saint Farrow has imagined. Likewise Darrell Phelps and Terry Kreiter each give us encyclopedias of metaphorical images from shamanic history, literature, philosophy, and profound personal visions. Lynne Todaro gives us composite works that delve into the personal psyche, identity, and experience of the artist, insights we can only begin to understand if we are willing to interact more closely with the work. While these sculptures draw us nearer with their intimate scale, it is the intricacy and depth of ideas that demands of us a closer look.

The Triton Museum of art thanks the artists: Al Farrow, Terry Kreiter, Darrell Phelps, and Lynne Todaro for their cooperation and participation this exhibition. We also thank Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco for their generous assistance. Special thanks to Helayna Thickpenny, Chair, Department of Humanities and Professor of Art History, Mission College in Santa Clara for co-curating this exhibition and for her invaluable academic insights and writing.

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